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Rascal's Kids and Midan Accomplishments

Midan's Storm of The Century recently had a nice litter of puppies. On April 20th, and of course at 1:00 am, Mimi had 5 puppies, 3 Girls and 2 Boys. All were healthy and doing well. We still have 1 puppy available.  If you would like to be considered for adopting one of our guys, please fill out our questionaire, and we will get back to you.

On occasion we have litters, and look for approved homes for them. Our breedings are done with intent to improve the breed, and hopefully obtain the next Midan breed or field champion, or possibly both.

Vizslas are a very people oriented breed, love to be with you, and frequently "on you". They are a very loving breed, and always have such an exuberance for life. Our Vizslas are part of the family and reside in the house with us. They wouldn't have it any other way!

For those considering a Vizsla, please take a moment to read a little information on them. It is important to be as knowledgable about a breed as possible before you consider adding one to your family.

AKC link for Vizsla Breed Standard

A litter of Midan little ones in "puppy prison". It won't be long until
they are released into the custody of their new parents!

Food For Thought.....

Adopting a puppy is a life changing commitment. Yes, having a puppy is rewarding and fun and you'll have a friend who will always love you unconditionally. You will also have to housebreak, make your house puppy-proof, find a good vet, take obedience classes (at least one), and make provisions for vacations and what your new baby will do when you work.

OK! So, I haven't scared you off yet. Let's take it to the next step. Vizslas are unique, they love people, and I mean they really love people. They not only like to live in the house with their family, they need to. Vizslas would suffer both physically and mentally if they were forced to live outside. Their coats are very short and do not offer enough warmth for the winter months, and they need the social interaction of living with their family.

Another consideration is cost. A Vizsla puppy requires check-ups, vaccinations, monthly parasite preventive medications, and supplies (crate, toys, chewbies, leashes, collar, bedding, grooming materials, food, etc.).

If you still want to share your life with a puppy, you still need to consider which breed will suit you best. Your personality and lifestyle may not match a Viszlas personality and needs (Please check out the AKCs breed standard site-link above). Vizslas are energetic, they need exercise, whether its running and playing in the yard or jogging with you. They love physical contact and will want to be near you as much as possible and they could be too exuberant for very small children, especially if you don't take the time to invest in a puppy obedience class.

Finally, there are lots of "kids" available at your local pound, a puppy doesn't have to have a pedigree to love you and do all kinds of fun stuff with you.

If you have read this and still want a Vizsla, then I recommend reading about the breed if you haven't already. "The Versatile Vizsla" , by Gay Gottleib is an excellent place to start. Vizslas do make great companions and if you just want a pal, that's ok, but wouldn't it be great to get involved with your pal in some or one of the many activities the AKC offers. Dog shows, hunting competitions, agility competition, obedience, tracking (to name a few) are great ways to bond with your dog, meet new people, and show off what a terrific pal you have.

When there are puppies at Midan...

Our puppies are house raised and socialization starts soon after birth. They get the best of care which starts from the moment they are born, until they are adopted. Upon adoption, we do have an agreement contract which all parties agree to and sign. We strive to ensure that our Vizslas will always be cared for, and what is expected of all parties is totally understood. We remain a resource person for the life of the Vizsla, and any and all questions are encouraged.

Litter Box

Pedigree: Rascal and Mimi

Dual Champion Barben's Rapacious Rascal, Master Hunter
BIS/BISS Ch.Barben's Standing Ovation
Barben's Defender
BIS/BISS/Am/Can/Puerto Rican/Mexican Ch.Barben's Peppermint Pattie,JH
Piper Barben's Holly Golightly
AFC/Dual Ch.Riverbend's Deacon Dandy,CD
FC/AFC Piper's Beacon Hill Bess
Midan's Storm Of The Century
AFC/Dual Ch. Sienna Gold's Tidal Victory, SH
4xNFC/FC Fieldway's Jack Daniels
Ch. Sienna Gold's Resolution
Ch.Barben's The Tempest
Ch.Barben's Defender Of The Blue
Ch.Barben's Rave Review

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Above is Mimi and also "T". These two girls are the next to have litters. They are playing hard to get, and won't come into season. As soon as they do, they will produce the next line of Champions from the Midan Kennels. Keep checking in for updates. Hope its soon. Below is Mimi's daughter from last years litter. This is Gale. She is very birdie and has nice conformation. Gale recently finished her Dual Championship. Congrats to her and her owner Deb Mahoney.

Ch.Midan's High Heeled Sneaker JH This is Mimi's daughter

Since we may only breed 1 litter a year, it is highly recommended that a questionaire is filled out and telephone contact with us would be a good idea. The large amount of questionaires we receive limits us to returning all e-mails. Serious inquiries are asked to phone us after 7p.m. weekly and anytime on the weekends. If we do not answer, please call back.

Midan's Questionnaire