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A gallery of some of our Vizslas doing some of the things they like best!!

Champion Midan's Queen of Denial  JH

Champion Midan's Queen of Denial, JH

The above photo is "Cleo" taking her first Major in Fort Worth, Texas. She has since completed her Breed Championship. She is at home in both the ring and as shown bottom right, in the field. "Cleo" is owned by Mike and Dana Walsh.

Above Bogart after a good day at the show! "Bogart", AKA Midan's Play It Again Sam is owned by Michelle and Steve Neff.

FLASH!! "Bogart" (Midan's Play it Again Sam JH) just finished his Junior Hunter Title. From what I gathered from the PROUD owners is that "Bogart" did it with a lot of style, class and flash. This dog is an example of what we at Midan Vizsla's try and obtain with our breeding program. :Bogart" will have no problems advancing through his next task at hand. "Bogart" is also spending Time with Bobby Seelye, Walkersville, MD.

Look for "Bogart" to do well this Fall in the bird field as well as the Show ring.

Now I know this just looks like a pup sniffing something, but actually he is "pointing a bug!"
You should have seen him try to "flush it!"

Above "Cleo" on point. She completed her Junior Hunter title in October.She's a natural in the field!! Cleo will be vying for her CD in Febuary of 2002. Cleo is the all around Vizsla.


Above is Aaron Sutton, with Mimi, Midan's Storm of The Century as a youngster. Look at those ears!!


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